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What is the Eat Greek VIP Loyalty Card?

Eat Greek Loyalty card is our way of ensuring our customers get the best deals. It's free, easy to use, and earns you rewards every time you visit.

The Eat Greek Loyalty Card has a validity of 6 months from the last date it was used at our Restaurant. When the card expires, the balance reward points available on the card will also expire and it will show zero balance. To prevent your card from expiring, ensure that you use your card at least once every six months. Easy!

How does it work?

Using our Loyalty Card is very simple. Just present your card next time you visit our restaurant before you pay the bill.

The manager will the scan the card, then immediately reward you with 4 cents worth of rewards points for every dollar you spent. These points can be accumulated and redeemed. (100 points = $ 4.00)


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Eat Greek VIP Loyalty Card terms & conditions